Talk about worlds funnily bumping into each other.  When I began writing romance and women’s fiction, I never expected anyone from my former music biz life to crop up. Those circles seemed too disparate, no matter how hard I may have tried to bandage them together with my blog. Lo and behold, I discover that Megan Frampton, whom I first met when she was Editor at CMJ (College Music Journal) and I was lowly college radio promo girl, has long been hanging in this neck of the woods….

RNRHS has been on a roll lately with Chapel Hill music royalty (if I do say so myself)–John Plymale, founding member of Chapel Hill bands The Pressure Boys and The Sex Police, now in the mix. The Pressure Boys were before my time, but I saw the Sex Police many times–I was even their booking agent for a while. John’s stage presence is almost superhuman and difficult to fathom if you only know him as laid back and unassuming John.  He’s quite the opposite behind the mic, sort…

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