Talk about worlds funnily bumping into each other.  When I began writing romance and women’s fiction, I never expected anyone from my former music biz life to crop up. Those circles seemed too disparate, no matter how hard I may have tried to bandage them together with my blog. Lo and behold, I discover that Megan Frampton, whom I first met when she was Editor at CMJ (College Music Journal) and I was lowly college radio promo girl, has long been hanging in this neck of the woods….

Today’s RNRHS comes from indie rock music biz legend, Lori Blumenthal.  Yes, Lori, I’m going to call you a legend and you can’t get out of it, even though you no longer work in music.  Sorry.  When I got my first music business job at Twin/Tone Records, Lori worked at I.R.S. Records and was one of the women that I really looked up to because she was so incredibly well-respected by everybody.  I mean, everybody.  Lori also happened to be really good friends with a guy named Steve…

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