Talk about worlds funnily bumping into each other.  When I began writing romance and women’s fiction, I never expected anyone from my former music biz life to crop up. Those circles seemed too disparate, no matter how hard I may have tried to bandage them together with my blog. Lo and behold, I discover that Megan Frampton, whom I first met when she was Editor at CMJ (College Music Journal) and I was lowly college radio promo girl, has long been hanging in this neck of the woods….

Sometimes it’s a good idea to shut up and let someone else do the talking.  Today is one of those days–I’m so pleased and honored to have Jody Stephens, founding member of legendary band Big Star, grace my humble blog that I’m at a loss for words, which almost never happens.  Ask anybody.  Jody fills us in on everything he’s been up to lately, (including the newly released Big Star Live 7″ featuring Jon Davis of Superdrag ) before tackling the high school highlights, so I will gladly…

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