International superstar Audra North (that’s what I’m calling her…haven’t had a chance to run the nickname by her yet) has taken over RNRHS today, in celebration of her brand new release Composing Love, which is out now from Entangled Lovestruck. Be sure to check it out! Like all of my author pals, Audra has a fun spin on her high school memories and the ways they are linked to music. She brought up the Violent Femmes, a band that was a huge part of my high school existence. I…

Contest! I’m giving away a handbag, made by me! (Yes, I sew, and I’m actually really good at it…I don’t sleep a lot.) To enter, simply sign up for my newsletter by Monday, July 28th. To make it fair, all current newsletter subscribers will automatically be entered to win. The prize is your choice of one of these four handbags, constructed of sturdy home decorator fabrics. Absolutely no leather or animal products are used. Get to it if you haven’t already signed up!

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