Once Forbidden Twice Tempted by Karen BoothBook 1 in the Sterling Wives trilogy, Once Forbidden, Twice Tempted is now out in the world! This series will release over the next two months, and tells the story of three very different women thrust into a sisterhood none of them were prepared for, all while trying to sort out their romantic lives! Once Forbidden starts with (spoiler alert) the death of Johnathon Sterling, who was married at one time to each of the three heroines. Book 1 stars Tara Sterling, Johnathon’s first wife, and Grant Singleton, Johnathon’s best friend. Grant has had a thing for Tara forever, but he always swore to Johnathon that he’d never go there, even after the two split. Now they’re competing for the same job and control of Johnathon’s company!

Torn between loyalty and lust…a relationship so off-limits, it could cost her everything…

Real estate agent Tara Sterling jumps at the chance to start fresh when she inherits part of her late ex-husband’s company. But claiming her rightful place at Sterling Enterprises means working side-by-side with CEO Grant Singleton, her ex’s best friend. Their long-simmering heat spells trouble as both vie for control of the business—and lose control of their thirst for each other…

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Gray Hair Don't Care by Karen BoothI’m thrilled, excited, and over-the-moon to share the cover for Gray Hair Don’t Care with the world! This baby showcases the artistry of Leni Kauffman. She does such amazing work and did a brilliant job of bringing my characters, Lela and Donovan, to life. I sincerely couldn’t be any happier. This book will be here February 8, 2021, and although that might seem like a long time, I hope you’ll take a minute to preorder your copy. It’s a fun and funny second-chance romance!

Gray Hair Don’t Care

Everything went wrong…and then she went gray.

At 47, newly divorced makeup artist Lela Bennett is dreading her next steps. Dating. Meeting people. Not letting herself go. But then she runs into Donovan James and tries something different—sleeping with her sexy crush from college. Unfortunately, in a post-orgasm stupor, Lela confesses she was in love with Donovan all those years ago. He responds by leaving while she sleeps. The next morning, her gray hairs are practically taunting her. She knows she has to get it together. Forget men. Embrace her age. Own her gray.

Donovan James is a marketing genius, but his ex-wives will tell you—nothing freaks him out like feelings. Three years after his one-night stand with Lela, he’s focused on his daughter’s lifestyle company, but unprepared to meet the face of the beauty division. It’s Lela. With stunning silver locks and new confidence, she’s no longer swayed by his charms. When business starts booming, the universe seems intent on throwing them together time and again. And suddenly, two people convinced that romance was behind them are wondering if love could be what’s next.

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A Christmas Rendezvous by Karen BoothThe Eden Empire series is complete and A Christmas Rendezvous is here! It’s a bittersweet moment for me–I’ve so enjoyed writing these books and the remarkable women the series is centered around. It’s sad to think I won’t be writing these characters anymore. BUT, I’m also happy to deliver this final installment to readers. I think A Christmas Rendezvous is a fitting end…the fate of Eden’s department store is on the line and it takes Sophie, Emma, Mindy, and Isabel to save the day. Meanwhile, Isabel finds herself romantically entangled with Jeremy, the man representing the individual who is determined to take Eden’s down. It’s a feel-good tale of strong women, family alliances, and the healing power of love, all set against the snowy backdrop of Christmas in NYC. I hope you decide to not only read A Christmas Rendezvous, but the entire series, which starts and ends with Christmas! If you do, please drop me a line and let me know what you thought!

If you’re curious about what’s next for me…I have four Harlequin Desire books coming in 2020. First up is Forbidden Lust, Book 2 in the all-new Seven Sins series, in June. Then you’ll get The Sterling Wives series in September, October, and November. I will also have a new indie series to introduce. More on that soon! Be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to get the latest info. You can sign up HERE.

It’s September, which means the end of summer (sad trombone), back-to-school (happy mom trombone), and for me, it means a brand new book in the world! That’s right. A Bet with Benefits is out! This is Book 3 in the Eden Empire series. If you’re just now getting caught up, Book 1 was A Christmas Temptation, and Book 2, A Cinderella Seduction. This series is about the Eden sisters, heiresses to a massive fortune, including Eden’s Department Store in NYC. These books have it all…drama (oh, the drama), intrigue, sexy times, and romance, all set against a very glamorous backdrop! I have to say that A Bet with Benefits might be my favorite of the three. (Shhh…don’t tell the others.) Mindy and Sam, my heroine and hero, were a difficult and uncooperative pair. Sam makes many appearances in the first two books and they’re not always good. It was fun to redeem him. As for Mindy, I relished the chance to show readers that she isn’t really a bitch, she just knows what she wants. She has a very tender side to her, as well. And honestly, she’s the glue that’s holding the Eden family together.

A Christmas Rendezvous by Karen BoothAs for the final book in the series, A Christmas Rendezvous, I can’t really tell you who the heroine is since that will spoil one of the secrets in A Bet with Benefits. (Although you can probably maybe figure it out from the blurb…) All I can tell you is that it’s a wild ride and will wrap up the Eden family in a bright red Christmas bow! That one comes out November 1 and is available to preorder now. I hope you enjoy it as much as the first three books. This series has been a blast to write!

Tempted by ScandalAs her billionaire boss, he had everything.
“I don’t have you.”
Nadia Gonzalez has too much at stake to fall for her boss. But billionaire entrepreneur Matt Richmond has a way of getting past her defenses. Too bad what’s amazing in the bedroom is bad for Richmond Industries—especially when tabloid rumors threaten to destroy Nadia’s career. Can she trust Matt to stand by her…or must business come first?
I’m extremely excited about this series, Dynasties: Secrets of the A-list, since it gave me the chance to collaborate with fellow Harlequin Desire authors Cat Schield, Reese Ryan, and Joss Wood. Be sure to check out Books 2-4 in the series: Cat Schield’s Taken by Storm is out June 1, Reese Ryan’s Seduced by Second Chances is out July 1, and Joss Wood’s Redeemed by Passion is out August 1.

Over four books, you will get drama, intrigue, and lots of sexy times. It’s a wild ride. I promise!

So what’s next for me? Books 2-4 of the Eden Empire series, that’s what! A Cinderella Seduction will be out July 1, A Bet with Benefits is out September 1, and the series wraps up on November 1 with A Christmas Rendezvous! All books are available for preorder now, so get to it!


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