What’s The Problem with Playboys?

Well, let me tell you… The Problem with Playboys is my brand new release, Book 1 in the all-new trilogy, The Little Black Book of Secrets. This series follows three childhood best friends–Chloe, Taylor, and Alexandra–who all somehow end up in the crosshairs of an anonymous social media account called Little Black Book. LBB seems hellbent on taking down some very rich and powerful people, and in some instances, that includes my heroines and the people they love. Unmasking Little Black Book is going to take some serious work! (Three books, to be exact.)

In The Problem with Playboys, Parker is a sports agent whose star client is the very first target of Little Black Book. Chloe is a crisis PR expert. Seems like a perfect match, except for three things: Parker worries about almost nothing while Chloe worries about everything, Parker ridicules Chloe’s profession when they meet for the first time, and did I mention that Parker and Chloe’s parents were married briefly and now hate each other? It makes for quite an interesting and sexy situation! This book takes you from New York to Miami and back again, and is a real rollercoaster as Parker and Chloe try to navigate the existential threat of Little Black Book, competing family loyalties, and the biggest obstacle of all–their mutual agreement that romantic love never lasts. I loved watching these two figure it out! I hope you will, too! As always, if you have a chance to read, please drop me a line at karen [at] karenbooth [dot] net. I love hearing from you!

The Problem with Playboys is available from retailers everywhere. Click HERE to find your retailer of choice.

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