My 20th book for Harlequin!

Karen Booth celebrates her 20th book with Harlequin.I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but my 20th book for Harlequin Desire (my 32nd published book) is now out in the world! This journey has been so amazing and exciting, and I have nothing but deep gratitude for everyone at Harlequin who has helped me reach this milestone. When I first signed with Harlequin, it was surreal, a dream that seemed so far out of reach…and then, suddenly, it was right in front of me. I remember setting a goal for myself–figure out a way to write 20 Desires. Now, I’ve reached that goal and have six more Desires scheduled (through December 2022). Hopefully I’ll get to write many more beyond that.

The best part of writing for Harlequin is the people. First and foremost, there’s my editor, Patience Bloom, who always believes in me, even when I don’t. The Desire team–Stacy Boyd, Charles Griemsman, and Errin Toma, are absolutely amazing, always helpful and encouraging. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Megan Broderick, rising Harlequin rock star. And then there are the authors. I can’t even begin to express how lovely and welcoming everyone was from the very beginning, but also how rewarding it has been to build real friendships with these incredible women. Much love to Reese Ryan, Joss Wood, Joanne Rock, Jules Bennett, Sarah Anderson, Cat Schield, Naima Simone, Catherine Mann, Yvonne Lindsay, Silver James, Yahrah St. John, Janice Maynard, Merline Lovelace, Maureen Child, Andrea Laurence, Katherine Garbera, Charlene Sands, and oh gosh, I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone. And if I did, I’m so deeply sorry!

On to this book! It’s the final installment of the Sterling Wives trilogy. It features a sexy, steamy, and emotional romance between Andrew Sterling and his brother’s widow, Miranda Sterling, against the backdrop of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope you take a chance on this one! You can find buy links HERE.

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