I’m thrilled that this day has finally come, the digital release of The Ten-Day Baby Takeover is here! Links to all retailers are here or at the bottom of this page. Print will be in stores on Tuesday, April 4. The best retail spots for Harlequin Desire books in the US are Barnes & Noble in the Romance section, Wal-Mart, some Target locations, and your neighborhood grocery store. Indigo Books is the primo spot in Canada, and in the UK, anywhere Mills & Boon books are sold. If you don’t see it, ask!

So, why is this book special, Karen? Well, lemme tell you. The first book I wrote for Harlequin was That Night with the CEO. In that book, I mentioned Adam Langford’s older brother, Aiden. At the time, I kept details about Aiden extra mysterious, mostly because I didn’t know who Aiden was or what his deal was. (This is how much we authors plan sometimes. You just have to trust in the universe.) Then came Pregnant by the Rival CEO, featuring Aiden’s sister, Anna. That time around, Aiden came into much sharper focus, and wow, did he have a lot to tell me. Still, he wasn’t on-screen in that book either, just in the background making things difficult.

With The Ten-Day Baby Takeover, Aiden finally got his own book. He’s come back to New York to return to the Langford family fold, but there’s a big secret his mother has been keeping and Aiden is convinced it’s ruined his whole life. When a baby he doesn’t know about shows up at his office, accompanied by a spark plug named Sarah, everything in Aiden’s life manages to unravel and come together in ten days. Langford family secrets are revealed! And you also get to find out whether Anna and Jacob from Pregnant by the Rival CEO had a boy or a girl.

I hope you have the chance to check it out. Drop me a line if you do!

xoxo Karen

Here’s where to find The Ten-Day Baby Takeover:

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If you haven’t heard me squealing about it on Facebook or Twitter, ’80s Mix Tape is out now! This incredible collection includes seven (yes, seven!) all-new novellas about love in the ’80s, each inspired by an iconic song from the decade. It’s such an honor to have my story, Save a Prayer, alongside the work of so many brilliant authors. (For fans of Bring Me Back, SAP is set against the backdrop of the Banks Forest heyday and tells Graham and Angie’s love story.) In the mood to reminisce about one of the greatest musical decades ever? This anthology is all you need, and it’s only 99 cents in eBook format! That low, low price is a limited time thing, btw. Take a hint, darlings. Buy it in a timely fashion! And now that my sales pitch has come to its logical conclusion, allow me to welcome my guest for the 87th installment of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School–Becky McDonald, the heroine of Need You Tonight from ’80s Mix Tape. She filled it out prior to the opening scene. Poor Becky. Sounds like she’s having a hard time letting a certain guy go.

Becky McDonald, Silver Pines High, Silver Pines, WA, Class of  ’83

Currently: It’s 1986 and I’m a nurse at Olympic Peninsula General

Band and/or song that reminds you the most of high school: ZZTop! The Eliminator album came out senior year. We listened to it so many times I wore out my cassette tape! Also, the videos were amazing. We used to watch MTV all night long waiting for “Legs” to come back on. We loved the makeover the mousy girl got. Especially since most of us were mousy like she was.

Jacob, my boyfriend at the time, could play all the songs.

Favorite piece of music memorabilia (poster, t-shirt, etc.) in high school: My ex-boyfriend’s Van Halen concert shirt. I still have it. I wear it to bed every night. I haven’t seen Jacob in two years, but he’ll always be the one, you know?

Band that you hated that everyone else at school seemed to love: I pretty much liked all music, but Jacob could not handle Madonna at all. But he was a rocker, a real bad boy.

Best show or concert you saw in high school: Jacob took to me to a lot of concerts and shows. Journey, Van Halen, Scorpions…but my favorite was always him. I loved watching him play and sing. He and his friends used to jam a lot, and I always thought they were going places. They finally named themselves in 1984—Ironwing. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Just like Jacob and I weren’t meant to be. He’s actually on the run from the law now. He did…well…it’s a long story. But I’ll never see him again. Part of me knows it’s for the best, I suppose. But I can’t listen to rock bands without wondering what could have been for him. For us.

Best high school make-out song: I lost my virginity to “Waiting for a Girl like You” by Foreigner, but our song was “Open Arms” by Journey.

Read Becky and Jacob’s story in Need You Tonight by Gwen Hayes in ‘80s Mix Tape. For more information about Gwen Hayes, please visit gwenhayes.com or hang out with her on Twitter @gwenhayes.


PBTRCGoodreadsLast week, I reached a milestone in my romance writing career with an amazing review from RT Magazine for ‘Pregnant by the Rival CEO’, the highlight of which, reads:

“This captivating romance appeals on many levels, from the forbidden lovers angle to the strong, dynamic characters.”–4.5 stars and a Top Pick, RT Magazine

The Top Pick from RT is the sort of validation that keeps an author going for a long time. Since writing this book nearly killed me, the accolade is all the sweeter. The plot was a mess for what felt like months, and I was sure I was never going to figure it out. Only some serious mental gymnastics could help me, and in the end, I ended up with one of my most twisty-turny plots (that’s the technical term). So yay!

‘Pregnant by the Rival CEO’ comes out January 1st in digital formats, and will be in stores in mass market paperback January 5th. I have a Goodreads giveaway going if you’d like the chance to win a copy before it hits shelves! You might as well try, right?

90s novellaWelcome to the final day of the ’90s Playlist RNRHS party! If you’re playing catch-up, this collection kills it with six all-new novellas about sex, love, and being young in the ’90s, inspired by some of the most iconic songs from the decade. And it’s available for a steal at 99 cents! Don’t be silly about it any longer. Please, pick up your copy now! Today’s post is from author Lorelie Brown, who was fortunate enough to have a friend in high school with a Ford Escort hatchback, complete with flames. As if that detail wasn’t damning enough, she also managed to see No Doubt by accident, for free, back “in the day”. We must all bow now to her superior cool factor.

Lorelie Brown, Costa Mesa High School, Costa Mesa, CA, Class of ’98

Currently: I write contemporary and historical romance, and as a day job I work for a local Parks & Rec department. No, I haven’t seen the show. Not even a little.

Band and/or song that reminds you the most of high school: Sublime, absolutely and the song Santeria in particular. It reminds me of riding in my best friend’s Ford Escort hatchback, which had flames painted on the nose because we were ironic before ironic was cool. And in my memories we are always ditching AP English Lit to go to Huntington Beach for a couple hours before swim team practice. (Sorry, Dad!) (But it’s okay, because I got a 5 on my exam.)

Favorite piece of music memorabilia (poster, t-shirt, etc.) in high school: I didn’t have any music memorabilia. Fail, I know. I decorated my room with surfers, mostly. Can you really blame me though? Surfers are hot.

Band that you hated that everyone else at school seemed to love: 311. So many yawns. Plus there was this really annoying guy named Travis who loved them, so even if I had been inclined to give 311 the benefit of the doubt, he’d have tipped me over into hate it land.

Best show or concert you saw in high school: I went to Lillith Fair & had a great time, but I think the coolest show I saw was No Doubt. It was 1995 and I’d just been to the movies at Triangle Square, a mall in Costa Mesa. When I came out of the movie, there was this band playing to a medium sized crowd. The lead singer was a tiny blonde who danced like she was on a trampoline. I only had time to listen to a couple songs before I had to get home, but I looked them up when I got home. Tragic Kingdom had just come out but no one outside Orange County, CA was listening to them yet. That changed quickly.

Best high school make-out song: You Were Meant For Me by Jewel. What can I say, I was one of those girls who fell in love super quick. (Frankly, my slight “please love me” desperation is probably why I didn’t get asked out a lot in high school.)

Ahead in the HeatLorelie Brown is the author of Creep, from the Romance Rewind Anthology, ’90s Playlist. You can find out more about Lorelie and her other books, including her latest, Ahead in the Heat, at loreliebrown.com.




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