Well, let me tell you… The Problem with Playboys is my brand new release, Book 1 in the all-new trilogy, The Little Black Book of Secrets. This series follows three childhood best friends–Chloe, Taylor, and Alexandra–who all somehow end up in the crosshairs of an anonymous social media account called Little Black Book. LBB seems hellbent on taking down some very rich and powerful people, and in some instances, that includes my heroines and the people they love. Unmasking Little Black Book is going to take some serious work! (Three books, to be exact.)

In The Problem with Playboys, Parker is a sports agent whose star client is the very first target of Little Black Book. Chloe is a crisis PR expert. Seems like a perfect match, except for three things: Parker worries about almost nothing while Chloe worries about everything, Parker ridicules Chloe’s profession when they meet for the first time, and did I mention that Parker and Chloe’s parents were married briefly and now hate each other? It makes for quite an interesting and sexy situation! This book takes you from New York to Miami and back again, and is a real rollercoaster as Parker and Chloe try to navigate the existential threat of Little Black Book, competing family loyalties, and the biggest obstacle of all–their mutual agreement that romantic love never lasts. I loved watching these two figure it out! I hope you will, too! As always, if you have a chance to read, please drop me a line at karen [at] karenbooth [dot] net. I love hearing from you!

The Problem with Playboys is available from retailers everywhere. Click HERE to find your retailer of choice.

It’s always sad when a series is coming to an end, but in the case of the final book in the Never Too Late series, I’m comforted by the fact that all three covers have been absofreakinglutely stunning! The always amazing Leni Kauffman has done an incredible job on this entire series (in case you’re just discovering it, the first two books were Gray Hair Don’t Care and Brooklyn Monroe Wants It All) and the cover for It’s a Widow Thing does not disappoint! It’s a Widow Thing releases May 23 and is an Amazon exclusive, available for preorder HERE. While we wait for May, here’s the blurb. Enjoy!

He’s on the fast-track to serious, and she’s hitting the brakes.

When cosmetics entrepreneur Sabrina Kelly waited until she was thirty-eight to marry, she never thought she’d be widowed by forty. Now, two years later, she’s ready for a dip in the dating pool. And Michael, the merciless flirt who lives down the hall, seems like a fun way to get wet. He has “player” written all over him, but Sabrina’s not looking for a love connection. Her heart can’t take more than a fling.

Wall Street mogul Michael Wright has ignored his mom’s pressure to marry for years. But it’s not until he has a health scare that he finally takes stock of his life. If he’s going to settle down, only one woman comes to mind… his gorgeous, whip-smart neighbor, Sabrina. Their chemistry is off the charts. The banter? So. Hot. But while he’s working overtime to woo her, she’s holding back. Can two people running at different speeds get to happily-ever-after together?

It’s a Widow Thing is Book 3 in the Never Too Late series, arriving May 23, 2022. It will feature appearances by Lela and Brooklyn from the first two books in the trilogy. HEA guaranteed!


Ring the wedding bells! Best Laid Wedding Plans has arrived! It’s Book 2 in the Moonlight Ridge trilogy. This three-book collaboration with my author friends Joss Wood and Reese Ryan, is set in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC and centers around three foster brothers, and the luxury resort Moonlight Ridge, which is owned by their adoptive father, Jameson. After Jameson has a health scare, the three estranged brothers must all return home, but that means confronting everything that tore them apart years ago. It’s an emotional, sexy, and fun family drama that unfolds over the course of three books!

Can an unlucky-in-love wedding planner convince a grumpy billionaire that love is real and save her job?

“You could use a lesson in giving in to temptation.”

But who’s Autumn Kincaid to talk? Her reputation as a wedding planner is on the line after she’s left at the altar. So is her job at Moonlight Ridge—unless she proves herself to grumpy Grey Holloway, whose family owns the resort. Grey doesn’t even believe in true love. She has to convince him romance is real, that all he needs is to give in to the heat threatening to burn them both. Maybe this time Autumn will get her own happily-ever-after…or is this just another best-laid plan?

I hope you have a chance to check out all three books in the trilogy–Homecoming Heartbreaker by Joss Wood, Best Laid Wedding Plans by yours truly, and Just a Little Married by Reese Ryan.

You can find Best Laid Wedding Plans at book retailers everywhere.

Karen Booth celebrates her 20th book with Harlequin.I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but my 20th book for Harlequin Desire (my 32nd published book) is now out in the world! This journey has been so amazing and exciting, and I have nothing but deep gratitude for everyone at Harlequin who has helped me reach this milestone. When I first signed with Harlequin, it was surreal, a dream that seemed so far out of reach…and then, suddenly, it was right in front of me. I remember setting a goal for myself–figure out a way to write 20 Desires. Now, I’ve reached that goal and have six more Desires scheduled (through December 2022). Hopefully I’ll get to write many more beyond that.

The best part of writing for Harlequin is the people. First and foremost, there’s my editor, Patience Bloom, who always believes in me, even when I don’t. The Desire team–Stacy Boyd, Charles Griemsman, and Errin Toma, are absolutely amazing, always helpful and encouraging. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Megan Broderick, rising Harlequin rock star. And then there are the authors. I can’t even begin to express how lovely and welcoming everyone was from the very beginning, but also how rewarding it has been to build real friendships with these incredible women. Much love to Reese Ryan, Joss Wood, Joanne Rock, Jules Bennett, Sarah Anderson, Cat Schield, Naima Simone, Catherine Mann, Yvonne Lindsay, Silver James, Yahrah St. John, Janice Maynard, Merline Lovelace, Maureen Child, Andrea Laurence, Katherine Garbera, Charlene Sands, and oh gosh, I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone. And if I did, I’m so deeply sorry!

On to this book! It’s the final installment of the Sterling Wives trilogy. It features a sexy, steamy, and emotional romance between Andrew Sterling and his brother’s widow, Miranda Sterling, against the backdrop of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope you take a chance on this one! You can find buy links HERE.

High Society Secrets by Karen BoothHigh Society Secrets, Book 2 in the Sterling Wives trilogy, is now out in the world! I love this book, and that’s entirely because of the characters. Astrid is a former model from Norway with a heart of absolute gold, Clay is the brilliant single dad who’s had his trust broken in a powerful way. Readers have been reaching out to me like crazy over the last week, letting me know how much they’re loving this book. Here are a few quotes:

“This is a great story filled with angst, anger, some tears, a few laughs, a hot romance and a little corporate intrigue.”

“The chemistry is off the charts between Astrid and Clay!”

“The book has a little of everything, corporate sabotage, emails from deceased people, and forever love. A HEA and no cliffhanger.”

If that sounds promising, I’ll hope you’ll check it out! Buy links are HERE.

And of course, All He Wants for Christmas, the final book in the trilogy will be out November 1!


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