Is that a buzz I hear?

I’m not much for hype, especially about myself. I hail from Minnesota, where exaggeration is left for topics like how cold it is, how much snow we got “that one winter”, and how big a fish you’ve pulled out of the lake. This midwestern modesty was drilled into my head at a young age, and oh boy, did it stick.

So it can be hard for me to talk up my own books, even when I know exactly how much work and heart went into them. Reading is so subjective–somebody, somewhere is going to hate it, no matter how hard I worked or how much love I put into my characters. For that exact reason, I do lap it up when I get a great review. And when it comes from a top-tier source like Publishers Weekly or NPR? Well, let’s just say that I might be framing a few of these early reviews for Gray Hair Don’t Care.

“With this funny, surprising novel, Booth might just have written the definitive Gen-X romance. In addition to the ages of the protagonists—both in their 50s—and how glorious it is to see a woman celebrated as a silver fox, the novel stands out for consistently defying expectations.” –Publishers Weekly starred review

“It’s got all the sparkles and tingles of first love, but without all the angst and BS. Just sexy, confident, competent people finding everlasting love.” -NPR

In addition, Apple Books has chosen it for its Next in Romance category, and featured it as a Winter Sneak Peek, with an extended preview on their platform. Yay!

Gray Hair Don’t Care is a third-chance romance between college best friends turned later-in-life work colleagues, Lela and Donovan. After a one-night stand where Donovan takes off before Lela wakes up, she decides to abandon her love life, and chooses instead to focus on her career. Along with that, she opts to let her gray grow out. It’s symbol of her own transformation. That’s when her whole life starts to change…

Gray Hair Don’t Care was an absolute joy to write. I not only got to stretch my writing wings a little more than usual, I was able to inject every ’80s music reference I wanted. Seriously…it’s like I gave my book a soundtrack. The result is 100% me, no rules, no guardrails. (Except of course, a happy ending.) That’s why it’s so satisfying to receive a bit of critical acclaim. I might not have pulled a twenty-pound walleye out of an icy lake, but I did pull a good book straight out of my heart. And it feels wonderful to see my creative endeavor take flight.

Gray Hair Don’t Care comes out February 8. Have you preordered yet? It’s available in eBook, trade paperback, and audiobook. You can find it at your favorite retailer HERE.

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