Gray Hair Don’t Care is in the building…

If you follow me on social media at all, then this is old news to you–Gray Hair Don’t Care is finally out in the world! It’s been such a crazy busy release week that I’m just now sitting down to write a post about it. I won’t share the nuts-and-bolts of how release week went, except to say that it was awesome. I am so appreciative of every person who reached out to me to share what the book meant to them. In the spirit of that, I’d like to share a bit about how Gray Hair happened.

I have a little gray hair, but not a lot. And because my hair is very light, it’s hard to see it at all. Still, I totally remember my horror at finding those first silver strands. We’re conditioned to think it’s the beginning of the end! Imagine my surprise when I simply went on with my life after those first few grays, even though they kept coming. It got me thinking about the lies we’re told about aging. And it also got me thinking about writing a heroine with gray hair.

The tipping point was when my friend Ashley decided to go gray. She has very dark hair and was simply tired of running to the salon every month or so to get her roots touched-up. A lot of women can confirm that it’s almost like a part-time job. And the expense? Well, it’s not small. So, Ashley was determined to move forward, and she did, enduring months of the awkward growing-out phase. But when her gray came in? It was full-on silver splendor. Drop dead gorgeous. I witnessed her turning heads. That’s when I knew I had to move forward with my somewhat unconventional idea for this book.

Gray Hair Don’t Care was truly a labor of love. Because it’s indie-published, I could pepper it with as many ’80s music references as I wanted. I could write about a hero with a grown daughter. I could write about mistakes we make in our lives, and regret, while still holding on to optimism. Most important, I could write about a gray-haired heroine. Because there was no publisher there to second-guess my choice to put a 50 year-old heroine front-and-center. There was no marketing department telling me it was a mistake. There was just me, my laptop, and a big ol’ leap of faith. And I couldn’t be any happier with the result.

I hope you decide to check out the book. You can find it at your favorite online retailer HERE. And if you do, send me an email at karen [at] karen booth [dot] net. I love hearing what you think!

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