Rock ‘n’ Roll High School 70: “Wait a Minute, Honey, Gonna Add It Up”

Today’s RNRHS comes from Antonio Angelo, a man who lives in infamy on Twitter. Sure, he has a “real name”, but I only know him as Antonio. The awesome thing about Antonio is that you always know where you stand with him because he will flat-out tell you. He and I disagree on oodles of things (yes, oodles) and yet we manage to be friends. I think it’s largely based on looking past the other person’s opinion and keeping the conversation to stupid stuff like pudding. Antonio has lots of awesome answers for us today, some of which are so sweet and sentimental that I was left speechless. Then there’s the Violent Femmes answer at the end, and all order in the world is restored.

Brad O’Neill aka Antonio Angelo

Dobson High School, Mesa, AZ, Class of ’91, currently: I am a software tester, unpublished writer, investor, basically just nuts.

Band and/or song that reminds you the most of high school: “Lady in Red” is the song that instantly brings me back to high school and reminds me of an awesome slow dance.  Where for one shining moment I was with the girl that I thought would be forever.

Favorite piece of music memorabilia (poster, t-shirt, etc.) in high school: I wasn’t much into the current music at the time, it was just before grunge really took hold, something I could have been into. My school was into either Death metal or Hip Hop and neither suited me particularly well.  The only memorabilia I ever bought was a Trooper poster from Iron Maiden and I just liked the picture and never really got into the music.

Best show or concert you saw in high school: I actually only attended two shows in High School.  One was Peter, Paul and Mary which sing good songs but pissed me off politically by demanding an impeachment of our governor. I think I was the only one not standing up and clapping at their idiocy.  And before that a Harry Chapin tribute concert which was absolutely amazing and introduced me to the first music I ever truly felt.   I was born about 20 years too late for my musical tastes.

Best high school make-out song: “Add It Up” by the Violent femmes.  If you don’t believe me grab an angst ridden teen (only do this if you are an angst ridden teen yourself or at least a teen of some kind. If you’re forty, it’s kind of creepy)  and pop the song in the cassette player and you will be so in over your head in slobber, gropes and building sexual tension that your hair will be mussed, your clothes will be untucked, your back will be bruised from an inconvenient door handle and you will know what it is to want something everyone is telling you, you just shouldn’t have.

Follow @AntonioAngelo21 on Twitter if you know what’s good for you. You can download his short erotica story My Dear Isabella for free at Smashwords. He also has a story in the charity anthology Felt Tips, edited by Tiffany Reisz and featuring over 40 authors, including myself. It’s available on Amazon.

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