Rock ‘n’ Roll High School 47: Mystery of Black Nail Polish Revealed

Author Maisey Yates gives us a glimpse into her teen days with tales of her inclination to don black, black, and more black. I spent some time wading in those waters…lets just say my dad has made every funeral joke known to man. Of course, if a person had any emotional depth at all, they would understand that a teenage girl must BROOD. She must explore the darkest corners of her mind, contemplate her existence and the reasons boys are so unbelievably lame and confusing. When that is done, she wants to show the world what lives in her heart, and what says that better than black nail polish? Lots and lots of black nail polish.

Maisey Yates

Homeschooled, Medford, Oregon, Class of 2004, Currently: I write intense, passionate, occasionally funny romance for Harlequin Presents.

Band and/or song that reminds you the most of high school: Oh man, that’s HARD!! I think I will always remember me and my three best friends (we were known as the Fearsome Foursome) pretending to be a girl group and singing the mash up of Dismissed, by ZoeGirl. We had some attitude. And since I know very few people will know the song…here’s the video:

ZoeGirl “Dismissed”

Favorite piece of music memorabilia (poster, t-shirt, etc.) in high school: I had a necklace that had a guitar pick on it that I got at a Switchfoot concert. I wore it all the time. Because it looked cool and gave guys the impression that I might play the guitar.

Band that you hated that everyone else at school seemed to love: Now I have to remember what was popular when I was in high school…Basically most anything pop-ish (except the above) because we were WAY TOO COOL to like pop music. We wore black and painted our fingernails black and scowled and went on all guy surf trips…(that’s a story, I tell you.)

Best show or concert you saw in high school: I had some solid concert experiences in high school. I went to a concert festival that lasted four days and saw some of my favorite bands. Newsboys, DC Talk, Switchfoot, Jennifer Knapp. I got to meet Switchfoot and buy the above mentioned over-worn necklace. So Switchfoot gets the honor of being my favorite concert. I also got to see them more than once in high school.

Best high school make-out song: I didn’t make out in high school. True story. I got my first kiss the summer I graduated. I was too busy wearing black to date, I guess. But if I could have made out with a boy to any song, it probably would have been “Hold Me” by Plumb. I think I was in high school when that song came out…I’m getting senile.

You can learn more about Maisey at Her latest for Harlequin Presents is The Petrov Proposal.

3 Comments on “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School 47: Mystery of Black Nail Polish Revealed

  1. I cannot imagine you all dressed in black!! Say it isn’t so.

    I wore a loads of black and vivid red lipstick in high school. Of course that was a couple of decades earlier…

  2. Julia, it IS so. I called it theater black, not goth black. My dad used to say I looked like I slammed my fingers in the car door…

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