Release Day is Here! Also, My Smile Now Visible From Space

Today, I enter the ranks of the published. (Please, allow me my SQUEE moment.) My critique partner, Karen Stivali, and I are extremely proud of Long-Distance Lovers and are excited to have it out there in the world. Funny, but my last read-thru held just as much satisfaction as the many before it. My pulse raced when Tim and Jenna had their first kiss, I giggled when Tim sat mesmerized by Jenna eating a cannoli, my chest ached when things went wrong, and of course, my heart made all kinds of funny flutters when things turned around.

None of this happens without the help of some amazing people, our editor Jillian Bell near the top of the list for Karen and me. A mountain of thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way. I also want to thank my incredibly supportive friends and family, most importantly my hubby, Steve.

Enough talking! You need to be reading! Long-Distance Lovers is available from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Ellora’s Cave | All Romance E-books

1 Comments on “Release Day is Here! Also, My Smile Now Visible From Space

  1. Wow.Wow.Wow! An amazing read. Spent the entire night devouring it. I loved it.

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