Reading While Chewing Gum at Flyleaf Books This Wednesday

Where's Bring Me Back? Dead center in the Author Events section at Flyleaf Books, that's where!

I will be putting my public school education to the test this Wednesday, with a reading from Bring Me Back at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill. I was always the kid who was called on in class to read aloud. No idea why, but I’m pretty good at it. (Five bucks says I just jinxed myself.) The festivities start at 7:30 and should run until about 8:30. There will be a Q&A and book signing as well (further demonstration of my talents–stay in school, kids!). To make it even more exciting, I’m bringing along a few bottles of Prosecco for those who care to toast with me. For further info, visit Flyleaf Books online.

Also, for anyone who missed it, David Menconi did a wonderful write-up on Bring Me Back in Sunday’s News & Observer. You can read the story here.

Rock on! xoxo

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