‘Claire’s Diary’ Out September 9th

Hooray! Claire’s Diary, the novella prequel to Bring Me Back, will be out on September 9th! Even better, the eBook will be a free read through February 16, 2014, when the untitled (I’m working on it!) sequel to Bring Me Back is released. You will be able to download Claire’s Diary directly from my website. I’ve already received several requests for Claire’s Diary to come out in print as well, and I’m working to make that happen this fall.

Claire’s Diary takes place at the height of Claire’s obsession with Banks Forest and Christopher Penman, during her junior year of High School. Her diary entries, like the one at the beginning of Bring Me Back, are interspersed with her sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking account of the random events that led to her having her first boyfriend, Tommy. At the same time, Claire is counting down the days until she and her best friend Jane finally get to see Banks Forest in concert. Finally! She and Christopher Penman, in the same place, breathing the same air! Through it all, you see the depth of her adoration of Christopher and his band, as well as the raw intensity of a teenage girl’s need for love and acceptance.

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