Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl

Coming October 16, 2018

As sisters, they tell each other all their secrets…except one.

With divorce and infidelity hanging from nearly every branch of her family tree, Katherine Fuller sees no point in marriage. Boyfriends? Sure. Sex? Of course. Wedding vows? No, thanks. Still, when her younger sister Amy gets engaged, Katherine gathers all the enthusiasm she can. She won’t let Amy down. She’s done enough of that for a lifetime.

As the sisters embark on wedding plans, Katherine’s college love resurfaces. It nearly killed Katherine to part from sexy Irish musician Eamon more than a decade ago, but falling under his spell a second time forces her to confront everything she hid from him. The secrets surrounding her mother’s death are still fresh and raw in her mind, but one has haunted her more than the others. She can’t bear to tell anyone, especially not Amy. It could ruin far more than a wedding. It could destroy a sister’s love forever.


“Tender and touching, hot and heartfelt, Karen Booth’s Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl is a joy to read. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I’ve rarely rooted so hard for a couple as I did Katherine and Irish crooner Eamon. This was a love story I could truly believe in!” Tiffany Reisz, USA Today Bestselling Author

“This is a book about measuring yourself against everyone else—sisters, lost loves—and coming through it to find yourself. A sexy yet serious look inward that keeps you turning the pages past your bedtime.”-Jenny Holiday, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series

“Heartfelt, funny and utterly charming, Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl made me laugh, cry, and fall in love.”-Joanne Rock, USA Today Bestselling Author of How to Lose a Groom in 10 Days

“Karen Booth delivers an emotional and witty sister saga that will have you staying up late, savoring every word!” -Catherine Mann, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Karen Booth expertly blurs the line between women’s fiction and rock star romance, taking us on an emotional journey through the bonds of sisterhood. An unputdownable story layered with moments that are surprising, funny, and heartwrenching–sometimes all three at once. A fantastic story!”-Kat Cantrell, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Rich, warm, and complex, Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl is a story for anyone who’s ever lost her way, a story about being found again, about what it means to believe you deserve to love and be loved.”-Serena Bell, USA Today Bestselling Author of Head Over Heels

“This book was heartfelt, it was emotional, it was beautifully told, and it was absolutely one of my favorite books of 2018.”-5 stars, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“Booth captivates with a tale of sisters and complicated mother/daughter relationships, young girls bearing the brunt of adult misdeeds and how one simple thing can change your entire life. A story filled with raw emotions, uncomfortable truths, and redemption.”Scandalicious Book Reviews

“This is the quintessential Karen Booth book—a perfect blend of steamy, sexy, and sweet that strums the heartstrings like a well-made guitar. Karen knows how to tell a good story. The dialogue is flawlessly fluent, the characters are real and dynamic, and the words keep you turning pages. I leave her worlds reassured that love makes them go ‘round—and that’s worth believing in.”-Elisa Lorello, Amazon Bestselling Author of Faking It

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