Here’s an early Father’s Day gift for the dads…a little Benji Hughes, in an argyle sweater, no less.  My darling hubby and I were just discussing the fact that it’s time for a new Benji record. Benji Hughes Live at Local 506 in Chapel Hill: “Shooting Star” and “Waiting For An Invitation”

In celebration of Father’s Day, John Strohm shares an essay about his children and music, including the world premiere of a song he recorded with his daughter, Anna Catherine, entitled “First Grade”. All three of my kids are musical, but they express their music in wildly different ways.  Sophie, my youngest, is always singing some song or other, and if you stop to really listen to the words they are usually some bizarre adaptation of a Taylor Swift song filtered through a 3-year-old’s world view. A simple love song…

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