Today’s RNRHS from Scott Carle is jam-packed with music memories, and yet, I know that Scott exercised restraint. Not sure if I’ve ever met a bigger music FAN.  Beyond the fact that he’s an unbelievable musician and has been in a bazillion bands, the man lives and breathes music. Who else sets up a music memorabilia exhibit for his birthday party? And it wasn’t just a few 45s on a table…he had an entire party room at Duke full of posters, rare vinyl, t-shirts, photographs, ticket stubs, ratty…

This installment is pretty special to me.  Lane and Jon Wurster are two of the funniest, most amazing people on the planet, not that either would own up to it.  Lane was one of the very first people I met in Chapel Hill, before I moved here, and I remember thinking that if everyone in Chapel Hill was half as nice as Lane, I couldn’t go wrong.  For the record, I would pay some serious money for a photo of Lane in the war paint and puffy shirt….

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