In response to last week’s Wurster Brotherly Love edition, I couldn’t pass up the chance to have one of Lane and Jon Wurster’s best high school buddies, Matt Thorn, fill in a few of the gaps in the history of 80s music fandom at Souderton Area High School. Truly awesome. And speaking of awesome, our second contributor is Patrick Cudahy, Chapel Hill t-shirt purveyor, 80s music expert, and without question, the winner of any dance contest he enters. Seriously.  Patrick also designed the fabulous Banks Forest logo.  As…

This installment is pretty special to me.  Lane and Jon Wurster are two of the funniest, most amazing people on the planet, not that either would own up to it.  Lane was one of the very first people I met in Chapel Hill, before I moved here, and I remember thinking that if everyone in Chapel Hill was half as nice as Lane, I couldn’t go wrong.  For the record, I would pay some serious money for a photo of Lane in the war paint and puffy shirt….

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