I barely got out of bed last week, y’all. I’m still only able to sit at my desk for about two hours before I need a break. This was a knock-down, drag-out, stuffy-head, cough-ridden festival of exhaustion. And yet, I’m excited! Because my head is finally clearing and it’s a beautiful Spring day and I have a new book out! In truth, all is good!

My brand new book is FOUR WEEKS TO FOREVER. I am so excited for this book to be out in the world. It’s Book 3 in the new Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding series. This is a rival-to-lovers romance about a plucky florist and the Irish chef who infuriates her… and their unexpected collaboration for the biggest wedding in the history of Royal, TX.

If you buy the paperback, it will come as a 2-in-1 edition, paired with Joanne Rock’s MAKE BELIEVE MATCH. Joanne’s book and mine are not only back-to-back in the series, her heroine and my heroine are best friends. So I think you’ll really enjoy reading these two books together. It’s a GREAT deal. And an awesome pairing, if I do say so myself!


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