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Body-12Today’s John Hughes fan club is from one my most favorite people on Planet Earth: Author/Duranie/amazing girlfriend Bobbi Ruggiero. And in supreme Bobbi fashion, she’s slaying me with her answers to these questions. We had so many of the same answers, it’s a little ridiculous. If you haven’t yet read Bobbi’s amazing ’80s music novella Young Teacher, you’d better fix that as soon as you’re done reading this.

Favorite John Hughes film:  “Sixteen Candles”. Why? Jake Ryan. The best pretend movie boyfriend ever. The cuffed jeans. The vest. The Porsche. The gorgeous boy chooses the cute wallflower. Didn’t we all want to be Samantha Baker, standing on those church steps in a pink dress, saying, “Who, me??” while Jake Ryan points at her? And the birthday cake scene? Samantha is a better girl than me. I would have jumped over that cake and sucked Jake’s Ryan face until he couldn’t breathe. But that’s just me…

And the runner-up, because let’s be honest—it’s hard to pick one: “Pretty in Pink”. Why? Well, I know the acting is terrible in this movie, and so is the continuity, but there are so many quotable moments in this flick. And let’s face it, this is James Spader at his most handsome, and most assholian self. God, I love to hate Steff. Blane is about as interesting as wet cardboard. Every time I watch this, I keep thinking Andie is going to choose Duckie. And every time, I yell at her as she runs to Blane. Bad choice, Andie. Even Steff has more balls than Blane the appliance could ever have.

Favorite moment of hilarity in a John Hughes film: “Bueller…? Bueller…? Bueller…?”

Favorite poignant teenage moment in a John Hughes film: When Andie tells Blane to drop her off at the record store because she doesn’t want him to see where she lives. That felt like taking a bullet. And when he asks her if she needs to go home and change for their date, and she says, “I already did.” Brutal. RUN FROM THIS JACKASS, ANDIE! RUN!!!

Best use of music in a John Hughes film: “Positively Lost Me” by the Rave Ups in “Pretty in Pink”. Why the hell doesn’t this appear on the soundtrack??? Epic fail, music editors!

Character in a John Hughes film that you most identify with and why: Andie in “Pretty in Pink”. I grew up without much money, and there were a lot of mean/rich girls in my school. I tried hard to not let it bother me, but as a teenager, it’s hard to do. I remember begging my parents for designer jeans, and then feeling so bad after they bought them for me. I felt like a brat asking for something I knew we couldn’t really afford. I realize now that having an amazing family and true friends was so much more important than a stupid pair of jeans. I love when Andie makes that dress her own. Or drives around in that old pink car. Mine was a mustard yellow Toyota.

Not to sound like a geezer, but why don’t they make movies like this anymore? I guess young, awkward and painful love isn’t enough anymore unless we throw in vampires, werewolves, apocalyptic death games and zombies.

Young Teacher CoverBobbi Ruggiero, her musical taste, and her writing talents are made of awesome. To find out more about Bobbi, visit her website at bobbiruggiero.com. Be sure to pick up her ’80s music novella, Young Teacher. Get it today!