As you may or may not know, my next book, SWAP AND SMELL THE ROSES, is out May 21. This book is immensely close to my heart, and I’m essentially bursting at the seams while waiting for it to come out. I managed (somehow, don’t ask me exactly how) to squeeze so much into the pages–romance (of course), fun, humor, emotion, nostalgia, my love of the garden, sentimentality, and lots of heat. As a reader, I love reading a book that makes me laugh and cry and swoon, and that’s precisely what I think I managed to do with this one. Which brings me to my previous point–I’m super excited for it to be out in the world.

But it’s not May yet. Dammit. So I’m busy writing my next book while also talking about Swap as much as humanly possible. I’m making social posts, and reels, and this time, I even designed some stickers to go along with the book. Once you read it, you will 100% get the stickers and you will be super excited that you own them. But the only way to get them is to preorder the paperback from my hometown indie bookstore, Flyleaf Books. Indie bookstores are the pulsing heart of the book world, but it’s a tough side of the business. Anything I can do to bring sales to my indie is a good thing. Which is why I’m offering this exclusive preorder bonus–the book-themed sticker set (designed by me!) and a custom bookmark (also designed by me…authors wear a lot of hats, in case you didn’t know). That will all come with your signed, personalized copy of the paperback. So that’s it! I hope you’ll decide to preorder SWAP AND SMELL THE ROSES from Flyleaf Books!


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