Rock ‘n’ Roll High School 55: It’s Either Huey Lewis or P-Funk

My Twitter pal and fellow erotic romance author Anya Breton is at the helm of RNRHS this week, in celebration of her latest book release. Lots of people have shared stories of seeing disparate musical acts, but I’m not sure anyone can top the fact that Anya saw both Huey Lewis and P-Funk within a fairly reasonably span of time. In fact, I would love to hear from anyone who has seen both of these artists in their lifetime. Just so I can both mock you and bow to your superior musical taste.

Anya Breton

Concord High, Concord, NH, Class of ’95, Currently: Web Design/Smut author

Band and/or song that reminds you the most of high school: I wish it weren’t the case, but the theme song from Friends – “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts was played at my Senior prom. And everyone flipped out. They were crazy dancing and pretending to splash in a fountain. I’m not proud of my classmates. LOL. To this day hearing that song reminds me of high school rather than the show.

Favorite piece of music memorabilia (poster, t-shirt, etc.) in high school: I didn’t buy any posters or t-shirts in high school (I was pretty broke) but my copies of “Throwing Copper” by Live and “Sixteen Stone” by Bush got seriously worn out from repeated plays.

Band that you hated that everyone else at school seemed to love: Backstreet Boys

Best show or concert you saw in high school: Erm, didn’t see any concerts in high school. *flush* (note the broke part) When I was younger I saw Whitney Houston and Huey Lewis and the News (not at the same time). The spring after graduation, I saw George Clinton and the P Funk Allstars at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and got a serious sunburn (along with a contact high).

Best high school make-out song: “I’ll Make Love To You” by Boys II Men

Anya Breton is a multi-published author of erotic romance and urban fantasy. Her latest is A’s Surrender, out now from Siren Publishing! You can learn more about Anya at

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