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I’m happy to share very good (SQUEE) writing news today. My amazing, stupendous, superstar critique partner, Karen Stivali’s, first published novella, “Always You” comes out today.  “Always You” is a great story about the value of being friends before you fall in love and discovering that the person you’re meant to be with is sometimes right under your nose.  Karen is an incredible writer, which is the reason I am her critique partner (aside from the fact that we share a brain, but that’s a different blog post), and “Always You” delivers on every level.  It’s funny and sweet and steamy, the perfect read for a long weekend, which coincidentally happens to be upon us right now.  I can’t say this loudly enough–I urge you to BUY IT. You will not be disappointed.

This is by no means the last you will hear of Karen–she has been on a literary tear lately, signing four publishing contracts in the last few months.  Her debut novel, “Meant To Be”, will be released next year and the sequel has already been contracted.  The fourth contract is for a short novel that she and I co-authored, but I can’t share that good news until all of the paperwork is complete.  I assure you that I will be sharing the hell out of that good news when I’m able.

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