Who’s ready for a little bachelor auction action?

Finally, BLACK TIE BACHELOR BID, Book 2 in the Little Black Book of Secrets trilogy is here! This book has all sorts of trope-y deliciousness turned on its head. A bachelor auction that goes sideways, a feisty socialite, a widowed over-40 hero, more than a little mystery (sneaking around an abandoned historic mansion, anyone?), social media gossip, helicopter rides, and forced proximity. Oh, and did I mention that it’s smoking hot? I hope you will check out Roman and Taylor’s story, then be sure to preorder the final book in the trilogy, HOW TO FAKE A WEDDING DATE. That one is out June 28!

Going once, going twice…and falling straight into her bed? A bachelor auction gets out of hand in the second Little Black Book of Secrets novel!

“I paid quite a lot for time with you and I intend to get my money’s worth.”

Romance is not on socialite Taylor Klein’s mind when she wins a night with super-sexy Roman Scott in a charity bachelor auction. Buying a date is the only way to meet the famously reclusive hotelier—and pick his brain on how to launch her dream boutique hotel. Besides, Taylor’s done with romance. But sticking to business gets tough when their sparks explode into passion. And even tougher when the notorious gossip account Little Black Book threatens to expose all their steamy secrets…

Available in eBook and paperback EVERYWHERE!


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