Welcome to an entire week (minus Monday, because Monday) of RNRHS posts celebrating the release of ’90s Playlist, a Romance Rewind Anthology! This collection includes six all-new novellas about sex, love, and being young in the ’90s, inspired by some of the most iconic songs from the decade. Even better, it’s available at the why-are-we-still-talking price of 99 cents. Do yourself a favor and pick up your copy now! Today’s post was dictated to Rebecca Grace Allen, a past contributor to RNRHS, by James Griffith, the hero in her story Smells Like Teen Spirit….

Rebecca Grace Allen joins us for RNRHS today with the finest in 90s grunge–Stone Temple Pilots, anyone?–with a little Dave Matthews Band thrown in there for wholesome good measure. I’ve had RNRHS guests who went back as far as the 1960s with their musical memories, but despite generational differences, one theme remains a constant–teenage angst and rebellion. I suppose that’s what youth is for…testing boundaries and pushing the limits. Right? Although, I still find myself doing this. Does that mean I have a problem with authority? Probably a question for…

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