The sassy and quick-witted Keri Ford, author of “Through the Wall”, “Making Her Nights”, and more, takes the RNRHS reins today. If you aren’t familiar with Keri’s work, I suggest you fix that real quick. Her books are both sexy and funny (beware the pan of hot biscuits), a feat few are able to accomplish, and she’s just so darn cute while she’s doing it. I also suggest you follow her on Twitter so you can gain first-hand, real-time knowledge of the wacky stuff that goes on in…

Today’s RNRHS is from author Margaret Ethridge, who is an incredible writer of women’s fiction–everything from steamy paranormal romance like “Paramour” to stories about what happens after “I Do” like “Contentment”. We became buddies on Twitter through the writing thing, but recently discovered a mutual love of Duran Duran. Like me, Margaret is a child of the 80s, and from the sound of it, we had very similar teenage tastes and inclinations.  I find the most iconic to be that she wasn’t afraid to rock the JT fedora….

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