Friday Afternoon Videos: Teenage Fanclub

I used to live for Friday Night Videos when I was a teenager.  I looked forward to it all week long.  This will be my lame tribute to it, on Friday afternoons because most of you are at work and looking for an excuse to mess around on the internet for a few minutes.  There wasn’t much of a thought process that went into picking this first one–I heard the song this morning while shuffling our entire music library (which creates some interesting segues, let me tell you).  Post a comment or send me an email at karen [at] karenbalcom [dot] com if you want to nominate a video for a future Friday afternoon–my only rule is that it can’t be anything depressing.  That means no Guns ‘n’ Roses “November Rain”.

Teenage Fanclub “What You Do To Me”

3 Comments on “Friday Afternoon Videos: Teenage Fanclub

  1. Sorta worried you know the GNR tracks…. but thanx all the same for the T.F.!!

  2. Love the hair and the Brendan O’Hare’s (?) cape. Talk about impractical but awesome for a video 😉

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