Back Forever

Title: Back Forever
Series: Forever #2
Published by: Karen Booth
Release Date: February 17, 2014
Genre: , ,
Pages: 296

Christopher Penman and Claire Abby know very well that their break-up was the ultimate test of their love. Now back together, they’re looking only to the future. Christopher’s band is making a run at it after a long hiatus. Claire lands a magazine job she never dreamed of. Only a ring on Claire’s finger and a baby on the way could make their new life more complete, and Chris is determined they’ll have it all.

But when her college-bound daughter starts pushing the limits and they get news about Claire’s dad that shakes her to the core, Chris and Claire’s picture-perfect plans unravel. Only love can get them through the tests they never saw coming. Back together was one thing, but can they hold on to forever?

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Praise for Back Forever:

"Poignant, bittersweet, and satisfying, Back Forever maintains the plausible fantasy-to-reality charm of Bring Me Back."-Manic Readers

"Chris and Claire's love story is phenomenal. Intense-sexy-fun!"-Sassy Girls Book Reviews

"I fell even more in love with Chris, Claire, and Sam than I thought possible."-Book Crush

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