Brooklyn Monroe Wants It All has arrived!

It’s always exciting when a new book comes out, but the release of Brooklyn Monroe Wants It All feels special. Not only because it’s the follow-up to Gray Hair Don’t Care, but also because I’ve been working on this book, off and on, for three years! This was supposed to be the first book in the Never Too Late series, but when I realized that I would be indie publishing the trilogy, I made the decision to go with Gray Hair Don’t Care first–I figured it was the most attention-grabbing title. I think I was right on that count, but regardless, it all started with the idea for this book.

When this series started percolating, I knew I wanted to write about the world of beauty. Not only because it gave me a chance to comment on things like beauty ideals as we age, but also because I’m a self-admitted addict of beauty products. There’s nothing I love more than cruising the aisles at ULTA (real or virtual!), grabbing my favorites like The Ordinary’s Buffet serum (so inexpensive for the quality), Pacifica’s Coconut Milk Cream to Foam cleanser (that’s my favorite, but I like a lot of their products), and It Cosmetics’ Bye-Bye Foundation Moisturizer with SPF 50 (sun protection is crucial!). If you enjoy reading romance about older characters because you’re like me and over-40, those are brands that I’ve found essential as I age.

Brooklyn herself is 42, and the super-successful CEO of a beauty subscription box. Alec is her ex, a national morning talk show host. These two can never get their timing right. Alec wanted serious the first time around and Brooklyn was busy launching her company. This second time, at 42, Brooklyn is focused on a baby before her biological clock runs out. But Alec’s got a shot at the job of a lifetime and at 45, he’s not sure that parenthood is in the cards for him anymore. They’re left to sort all of this out the old-fashioned way–with time, patience, and a little bit of luck. It’s a fun and funny, feel-good romance, and I really hope you enjoy it! You can find Brooklyn Monroe Wants It All HERE.



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