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TNWTCsmallThat Night with the CEO is out in both eBook and mass market paperback. You can visit the TNWTC page to find buy links for your favorite retailers, or stop by retail outlets where Harlequin books are sold. To celebrate, I asked the members of my street team to come up with some teaser ads. Check ’em out and vote for your favorite by making a comment. Then I can award bragging rights to a deserving street team member. We’ll add these votes to those we collected on my author Facebook page. Voting ends 8/12, so now is the time to chime in! To reward you for your time, I’ll add you to a fun (secret!) giveaway I have coming next week!

If you want to see these images in a larger format, please visit my author page on Facebook.

#1 “The truth is is that I really don’t like to dance, but I like this…”








#2 “Yeah, well, you need to keep your honor system in your pants.”








#3 “But I need more than my career. I need you.”










#4 “I’ve been wanting to do this since you walked in the door last night.”








#5 Coffee cups and chest hair






#6 “For God’s sake, let me do the zipper.”










beloud_cast 2Every year, Harlequin​ hosts the More Than Words contest, which honors the work of everyday women doing extraordinary good in their community. I’m pleased that my nominee, Lucy Steiner, and her charity, Be Loud! Sophie Foundation, is one of the five finalists. Now we need your vote!

Be Loud! Sophie was formed to help adolescent and young adult cancer patients navigate their illness. It was named for Lucy’s daughter, Sophie, who passed away a little less than two years ago at the age of fifteen. One of Sophie’s greatest frustrations while ill was the lack of counseling and supports targeted for teens and young adults–nearly everything is geared toward young children and older adults. Be Loud! Sophie Foundation aims to change that. Please consider a CLICK to help us win $15,000 for this charity. You can VOTE once a day!

MJNewsletterWhile I’m at it, I’m announcing the May/June giveaway for newsletter subscribers–one lucky winner will receive their choice of these super-cute, lined zipper pouches, made by me! If you’re already a subscriber, you are awesome and should continue to do what you’re doing. You’re automatically entered to win. If you haven’t subscribed, I’m sure you’re also awesome, but just aren’t sure how to go about reaching your full awesome potential. Might I suggest subscribing to my newsletter and getting in on the action? The drawing will be June 1st. FYI, the July/August giveaway will be a signed print copy of my debut for Harlequin Desire, That Night with the CEO!