The KISS Principle

The Kiss Principle“If I touch any more of you, I won’t be able to stop.”

Cooper Hale lives and dies by the KISS Principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid. It’s made his software start-up a huge success, and it’s worked for his sex life so far…until his neighbor Allie gets under his skin and he manages to get her under him. Confident, sexy Allie knows what she wants, and being around her makes every testosterone-driven part of him want to make things very complicated.

With an ad agency to run, Allie Flynn has had her quota of complications, but she wasn’t banking on her building’s resident hottie, Cooper Hale, kissing her in the kitchen, taking off her clothes, setting every inch of her body on fire. He’s everything she wants—driven, whip-smart, and hot as hell…but he’s 28 and she hasn’t seen her twenties in a decade. Her brain says she should stay away. A guy like Cooper doesn’t stick around. It’s her body–and her heart–that are going to need convincing.

The KISS Principle is a stand-alone erotic romance with no cliffhanger. It is intended for readers 18+. Originally published under the title For Keeps, the 2015 re-release has an all-new cover and new, low price.

“The heat in this story is a delicious combination of sweet and spicy.”–5 stars, The Book Tart

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