For Keeps

By day, Allie Flynn runs her ad agency with singular determination. By night, she retreats to her empty apartment, longing for another hallway encounter with Cooper, the absurdly hot guy in 3B.

Software entrepreneur Cooper Hale doesn’t have time to stock his fridge but he’ll sure as hell stop to smell the roses—he takes every eyeful he can get of criminally sexy Allie from downstairs.

During a neighborly dinner, Cooper decides to finally make a move on Allie, setting off sparks in the kitchen that ignite a wildfire in the bedroom. Allie’s grateful the twenty-eight-year-old hunk has the guts to seduce a woman twelve years his senior, but she’s stunned when he suggests they get tangled in the sheets again and again.

Casual becomes complicated as Cooper grapples with powerful feelings for Allie and she worries that he will eventually want someone younger. When he pulls a jealous stunt, she sees the inevitable end, but she’s about to learn that love, not age, changes the game when you’re playing for keeps.

A “Hot Weekend Read” from USA Today online!

 “The heat in this story is a delicious combination of sweet and spicy.”–5 stars, The Book Tart

For Keeps is now available in paperback, paired with Samantha Cayto’s Too Hot To Touch. The new edition is titled Keep Touching, available from:
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