John Hughes Fan Club: Suzi Parker

v1.bTsxMTE3MzY3MTtqOzE3MDg1OzIwNDg7ODAwOzEyMDAMore John Hughes love from author/journalist/Duranie supreme Suzi Parker. She’s the first person to bring up Weird Science, which my little sister used to call Weird Sinus. Cute, no?

Favorite John Hughes film: Well, you start with a tough question, don’t you? I would still have to say Sixteen Candles. It was my first John Hughes love affair.

And the runner-up, because let’s be honest—it’s hard to pick one: The Breakfast Club

Favorite moment of hilarity in a John Hughes film: The entire film Weird Science. I love that movie so much. It ranks as a very close second just because it is so cooly goofy. And it has Robert Downey, Jr. in it. Forever my crush but we won’t go there.

Favorite poignant teenage moment in a John Hughes film: It would have to be when Jake Ryan comes to Sam Baker’s house looking for her. At that moment, every teenage girl cell in me squealed because you knew the good girl might get the guy she truly desires.

Best use of music in a John Hughes film: The Thompson Twins If You Were Here in Sixteen Candles with Jake Ryan. What teenage girl didn’t want a birthday cake with that guy with some British new wave band playing in the background? I still want to play that scene out…

Character in a John Hughes film that you most identify with and why: Andie Walsh, the misfit thrift-store fashionista who likes the rich, snooty guy she shouldn’t like. She is so much like me on so many levels except I had two parents where Andie had one but her love life was/is so much like mine. And yes, I’ve had a Duckie or two in my life, too.

Not to sound like a geezer, but why don’t they make movies like this anymore? Because they don’t have Karen Booth and Suzi Parker writing them!

unnamedSuzi Parker is a journalist for Daily Beast, Economist, and The Broad Side. She’s the author of Echo Ellis, Sex in the South, and 1000 Best Bartender’s Recipes. She’s also a Jedi and Duran Duran ambassador. Check out Echo Ellis: Adventures of a Girl Reporter.




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