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ct-home-alone-25th-anniversary-20151116When I posted the first John Hughes Fan Club, I immediately got a Facebook message from Alexandria Bishop saying that she wanted in. I have to admire her enthusiasm!

Favorite John Hughes film: This is such a hard question. I’m a major John Hughes fan, obviously since I’m filling out this questionnaire. I will have to say the ultimate for me is “Sixteen Candles”…hello Jake Ryan *swoon*

And the runner-up, because let’s be honest—it’s hard to pick one: Very close second would be “The Breakfast Club”. There’s a reason why so many TV shows have copied the idea into an episode.

Favorite moment of hilarity in a John Hughes film: I’m going to just answer with “Home Alone”. Marv and Harry should have chosen a different house to rob, Kevin doesn’t mess around.

Favorite poignant teenage moment in a John Hughes film: I’m going to show my love for “Sixteen Candles” again but the absolute best moment is when Sam comes walking out of the church after everyone has left and Jake is standing there leaning against his car. He’s looking right at her with a smile on his face.

She looks behind her and back at him and mouths, “Me?”

And his response, “Yeah you.” And then he jogs across the street to her.

Have I mentioned that Jake Ryan makes me *swoon*?

Best use of music in a John Hughes film: The parade scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” where Ferris lip syncs to Twist and Shout. You can’t help but want to get up and dance during that scene, so iconic.

Character in a John Hughes film that you most identify with and why: I think I’m going to say Audrey from “Vacation”. Growing up anytime we took a family vacation it was always a road trip. My step brother got car sick easily so you can imagine how fun and long a 12 hour road trip becomes. Our end destination wasn’t Walley World but Disneyland is pretty close.

Not to sound like a geezer, but why don’t they make movies like this anymore?: Well there will never be movies like John Hughes movies especially the ones starring The Brat Pack. There have been some okay teen ensemble movies in the past ten years but not up to the John Hughes caliber and I think that’s what makes them so much better is that there isn’t anything like that anymore. So it’s always so much better to go back to the classics.

Bishop---Finding-Flynn---Digital (1)Alexandria Bishop is the author of the Marlowe series, perfect for fans of rock star romance. Book one in the series, Finding Flynn, is FREE! To learn more about Alexandria, visit alexandriabishop.com.